Strategic Logistics

Master Plan Design, Business Plans and Executive Projects for Logistics Centres, Free Zones, Ports and Bonded Warehouses.

Design of Transportation Optimization Models.

Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design, Warehouses and Distribution Centres.

Development of turnkey and start up processes for airport and port cargo terminals, logistics parks and free zones.

Road shows for investors or strategic partners on airport and port cargo terminals, logistics parks and free zones.

Development of Logistics Projects, including the preliminary plan, executive project, call for tenders, granting, contracts and project management.

Supply Chain Management.

Operational Logistics

Logistics Optimization Plans (LOP), including layout revision.

Design and revision of operational procedures (reception, storage, picking, cross docking, shipment, transportation).

Assistance in the selection of storage systems (racks) and handling of supplies (service lifts, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks).

Design of Operations for Value Added Logistics (VAL), particularly for retail and the life sciences (pharmaceutical and medical devices) industry.

Qualitative and quantitative management of inventories, procurement and supply chain.

Development of RFP (Request for Proposal) and RFQ (Request for Quotation) for the logistics outsourcing of storage and distribution and other related processes.

In-Company training through “Managing Daily Logistics Situations” Workshops.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPC) of Logistics Projects and Distribution Centres.

TIC Logistics

Professional support on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)/Transport Management Systems.

Development of turnkey call for tenders processes for WMS/TMS.

Assistance in the assessment and selection of WMS/TMS (software, hardware, interfaces and functionalities) in conformity with the company’s operations.

Diagnostic of the IT situation within the logistics area.

Identification of Logistics Opportunities from the ERP used by the company and the incorporation of a WMS.

Support on the customisation and implementation of WMS.

HHRR Logistics

Professional support on the task and job description of the operational staff, supervisors and managers working on Logistics and Operations.

Development of “headhunting processes” for logistics and operations supervisors, professionals and management positions.

Support to companies during the training process of the logistics and operations staff.

Assessment and Benchmarking of logistics remunerations.

Support on the institutional relationship with logistics chambers and key executive decision-makers, from both state and private sectors.

Safety & Security Logistics

Support for processes of Safety & Security in Logistics Centres, Free Zones, Ports and Bonded Warehouses. Theoretical workshops for contingencies that may affect the normal operations of the company:

  • Evacuation plan.
  • Fire fighting plan.
  • Medical emergency plan.
  • Natural disaster contingency plan.

Company support for the prevention of occupational hazards.

Evacuation, training and management plans when facing accidents.

ISPS. International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

Advisory for companies and port facilities regarding safety.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001.

Certified Logistics

Providing support to companies developing logistics key performance indicators (KPI).

Design of Balanced Scorecards applied to logistics.

Providing support though guidance and consultancy to companies applying for ISO 9001 certification.

Providing support for processes of ISO 14001 certification, whose purpose is to assist with the implementation of an environmental management system.

Executive Directors

The professionals of Operal occupy positions as external executive directors of different companies and various industries.

companies can count on the experience and comprehensive vision of the team of professionals,

to develop strategic and/or tactical solutions that allow the organization to achieve sustained growth levels.